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(1) The College

The Panama College of Cell Science was initially formed and sponsored by the Drake Biomedical Institute  to accomplish its educational mission in stem cell science, namely to train clinicians, scientists, researchers, teachers, health care managers, and others in this new science and the potential of the science to be transformative in medicine and biology.

Effective January 1, 2013, the Panama College of Cell Science was merged with Blue Marble University and operates as an autonomous college within the University.  The College retains its own faculty, handles its own financial matters, and administers its own program in stem cell biology, which now is the stem cell biology program of Blue Marble University. This is similar to many universities that are made up of several colleges or schools.  The Panama College of Cell Science is a biology graduate school within Blue Marble University.

The Panama College of Cell Science was initially operated by its Trustees in conjunction with its Faculty. That organization followed the traditional historical format, in that, a group of scientists and educators having expertise and specialized knowledge in various fields,  associate together as a faculty for the purpose of teaching. The Faculty of the College continues to determine the curriculum, pass on the adequacy of the students’ theses and independent work, and determines when the student has achieved mastery of the subject material such as to warrant the grant of a doctoral degree. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is issued by Blue Marble University upon the recommendation of the Faculty of the Panama College of Cell Science, upon satisfactory completion of curriculum and dissertation. This exciting, stand-alone biology doctoral program remains the only doctoral program in stem cell biology that can be completed entirely online.

Blue Marble University is an international educational institution incorporated as an international business corporation in the Commonwealth of Dominica. It is a virtual university, and as such, the program of education is delivered solely over the internet by various forms of media, and is available to students from any country.

(2) The Program

This is a distance learning doctoral program designed for individuals already employed in a scientific or medical setting, or students with prior education or interests in the biomedical sciences wishing to pursue a doctoral degree. It is best suited for working adults, lab technicians,  medical technicians, and science educators. Consequently, the program is structured for part-time study over 3 years.  On the other hand, some students may feel more comfortable with less course work per semester and consequently may need longer than 3 years. It is up to the student, with assistance of the faculty and advisors, to proceed at a satisfactory pace to completion of the distance learning Ph.D. program.

Although this is a rigorous program, it can be completed in a shorter time than many Ph.D. programs because: (1) There is no summer break; and (2) as there is no campus per se, graduate students are not required to assist in teaching undergraduates, nor are they required to assist with laboratory set-ups for undergraduates, as is usually the case. Dissertations are based primarily on literature research and reviews. They must show a synthesis of current material with expansion and independent thought. Dissertation subjects relating to international stem cell treatments are available for selection, and it is anticipated that all dissertations will become published. Although we train students in laboratory matters, we have no actual lab, and students are encouraged to participate in hands on training courses available locally from time to time. Such training is recorded on the official academic record.  Press the “Academics” button above for a more thorough discussion of the curriculum and dissertation requirements.

(3) The Diploma

The Panama College of Cell Science is an autonomous college of Blue Marble University. Our degrees are therefore issued by Blue Marble University, upon the recommendation of the Faculty of the Panama College of Cell Science, and are in the usual form, and signed by the appropriate Officers. The actual text of the Diploma can be found in the Student Guide 2017

The Diploma is issued  is beautifully created in color in the approximate size 8 x 10 inches, using various fancy font styles.  It is converted to the digital formats PDF and JPEG, and posted on the permanent records page for the student along with the student transcript. The Diploma (and transcript) is available for free at any time by accessing the permanent student record page with the appropriate password. In this way, an original of the Diploma is always available for printing in color by the student using a laser/inkjet printer or via a photo shop. In addition, it may be viewed or downloaded  independently by any employer or other interested person to whom the student has given the password. Free hard copy diplomas are not mailed, nor are available for mailing.